T20 TNT – 1 Day Unlitext + Unlicall to TNT/Smart

Are you looking for a Talk ‘N Text promo that offers one (1) day of unlimited calls and texts? Well here’s T20 or UnliTalkPlus20. For only 20 pesos, you can enjoy sending messages all day. You can also consume unlimited calls from 10PM to 5PM the next day.

T20 Talk 'N Text Promo

To help you subscribe, here’s a short guide to the promo.

Promo Name: UnliTalkPlus20

Promo Features:

  • Unlimited texts to TNT/Smart
  • * Unlimited calls to TNT/Smart from 10PM to 5PM
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Amount needed: Php 20

How to register T20?

Just type T20 and send to 4547

How to call using T20?

To call, just dial *4547 + 11-digit TNT/Smart number

Example: *454709461234567


* The Unlitalk (unlimited call) feature of this promo can only be used from 10PM to 5PM of the next day.

Please maintain a P1.00 balance while enrolled in T20.