STOK15 – 2 Days 20 Minutes Call to TNT or Smart

With the latest demand on call promos, Talk ‘N Text now offers STOK15, two days of 20 minutes call to Talk ‘N Text and Smart Subscribers. STOK15 or SANGKATUTOK15 is the twin promo of STOK30 or SANGKATUTOK30. STOK15 is useful for emergency call and urgent situations.

STOK15 Talk 'N Text Promo

Promo Code: STOK15

– 20 minutes call to TNT or Smart Subscribers

– valid for 2 days.

How to register STOK15?

Just type STOK15 and send it to 4545

How to call using STOK15?

Just dial *4555 + (11 digit numbers)

Example:  *455509461234567

NOTE: Please maintain 1 peso balance while you are registered to the promo.