KT20 or KamusText. 8 International Texts for P20.00

Hello Katropa, do you miss your loved ones abroad but don’t have enough balance to send them a text message? Worry not as Talk ‘N Text now brings you KT20. For only P20.00 pesos, you can now send eight (8) international text messages to your families and friends in different countries.

KamusText offers 8 text messages worth P2.50 that you can send to 13 countries such as USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Kuwait, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Lebanon, Oman, Guam, and Malaysia. This promo is valid for 1 day.

KT20 - KamusText TNT Promo

How to register KT20?

Text KT20 to 433

Validity: 1 day
Balance needed: P20.00

How to text using KT20?
To text, send your message to

<2521><00><country code><mobile number>